WorXsiteHR's all-in-one, free health, benefits, and payroll management solution for large and small employers gives your team a single place to manage all your human resource needs.

Employer Solutions

ACA Compliance

The Department of Labor (DOL) has broad authority to investigate or audit an employee benefit plan’s compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Recently, the DOL has been using its investigative authority to enforce compliance with the health care reform law, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Just because an employer has been selected for an audit does not mean that the employer has violated an employee benefits law. Even an employer in compliance can encounter an unexpected audit. A DOL audit is not a simple process and being “ahead of the game” can potentially save an employer a large amount of money, time and stress. The best way to prepare for a DOL audit and to remain in compliance is with HRX®.

Benefits Administration

Seamlessly communicate data between brokers, clients, payroll, health plans, insurance carriers, COBRA providers, FSA's, HSA's and other benefit service providers; all from one system! WorXsiteHR Benefit Counselors explain all offered benefits and enroll employees for all core Benefits (i.e. Major Medical, Group Life.), as well as offer approved employee-paid voluntary products. Ongoing and new hire enrollment is provided for all core and voluntary benefit elections. New hires receive instructions in their new-hire packets and are directed to the client's own dedicated "Benefits Line" to enroll in their core and voluntary benefits. HRX® enables the seamless communication of data between brokers, clients, payroll, health plans, insurance carriers, COBRA providers, FSA's, HSA's and other benefit service providers; all from one system!

Payroll & HRIS

WorxSiteHR manages all your payroll needs and allows the employer get back to their core business rather than the "business of employment." HRX® is a custom, integrated, web-based administration system for payroll processing, time and attendance, reporting, on boarding, and more. HRX® offers a 'total HR' solution including: state & federal posters, policies and procedures, handbooks, leave requests, discipline forms, OSHA 300, and more.

Insurance Solutions

WorXsiteHR Insurance Solutions is a full service insurance brokerage and human resources consulting firm. Our clients are our partners and friends. We care about your executives and employees with an utmost responsibility. Our commitment as your trusted insurance advisor is to assist you with your insurance needs including negotiations, implementation of plan designs, claims and risk management. We have several in-house human resources consultants, COBRA/Flex Third Party Administrators and other partners to provide personalized programs designed to fit your company's needs. By utilizing our benefits architecture services, we have had great success in creating the right health plans for your company and the most affordable 'Penalty B' plan solutions. At WorXsiteHR, we specialize in Worksite Products, Employee Benefits, Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance, and Workers' Compensation for industries such as Technology, Communications, Manufacturing, Real Estate Development, Construction, Healthcare, Legal & Financial Services, Non-Profit Organizations, Credit Unions, Nursing Homes, Charter School Associations and others.

Talent Management/ATS

HRX gets all of your recruiting information into one place and everyone on the same page. Drive the decisions that drive hiring. And, have the data at your fingertips to organize, manage and analyze recruiting. Recruiters can easily track and manage every requisition and candidate through the entire talent acquisition process from sourcing to onboarding. Plus, they can make all information about a candidate available to everyone involved in the hiring process, and ensure none of it is lost when a candidate is hired. Easily create competency- based job requisitions directly from the associated job descriptions — with the click of a mouse. Ensure consistency between the job posting and the realities of the job, and provide candidates an accurate portrayal of the role.

Time and Attendance

Our completely automated time and attendance solutions reduce labor costs by enforcing pay and work rules – consistently and accurately – across the organization. Labor-intensive timecard tracking, data entry, and approval processing are simplified. And that reduces the administrative time associated with attendance excep tions and employee inquiries — all while minimizing overpayments and compliance risk. A time and attendance system is only as strong as the data you feed it with. Choose a data capture option that’s reliable and headache-free – whether it’s a fixed-mount time clock, swipe cards, biometrics, or a browser-based solution. And put clean and accurate data into your time management solution. HRX puts the right information at your fingertips. By giving you the latest and most detailed labor activity data, you will finally know how productive your workforce is and have the information to make swift corrections when needed.

Health Advocacy

WorXsiteHR provides a toll-free phone line that gives your employees 24/7 access to a health benefits professional, who can help resolve health-care-related questions and problems, while reducing your time spent researching them. Benefits include: Faster, expert resolution of questions and issues related to your group-health plan; more efficient and economical access to benefit information; increased productivity for employers, managers, HR staffs, and employees; higher participant satisfaction with your health-care plan. You and your employees (including spouses, parents, and dependent children) can turn to the call center for help resolving a variety of common questions and issues surrounding health plan administration. Services include: Guidance through basic enrollment tasks, such as obtaining ID cards; aid in understanding benefit provisions and provider bills; coordinated access to the health-care providers and facilities; advocacy when managing medical conditions and navigating claims issues.

WorXsiteHR has a fully integrated, multi-lingual, full-service enrollment call center for Voluntary Benefit Enrollments, as well as Core Health Benefits and Flexible Benefit Plans. Call center support is designed to provide employees with the educational, strategic and support tools necessary to navigate today's complex healthcare choices. Our call center was also designed to support the complexities of Employee Benefits Communication for large companies that may have multiple locations in various states. We have worked diligently to create a one-of-a-kind platform that seamlessly integrates benefits administration with HRIS.

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