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No-cost Healthcare!

ALL employees are covered at no cost to employee or employer.

ACA Compliance!

Our plan combinations assure you are in total compliance.

Reduced Payroll Taxes!

Our Section 125 compliant plan nets employers an average of $35/month per participant.

Millions of employees have access to NO COST healthcare,
telemedicine, wellness, and more:
Shouldn't Yours?

HealthWorX customers have free access to HRX® - our proprietary Benefits Administration and ACA filing system!

Benefits Administration

Let HRX agents enroll and administer your employees in HealthWorX and all their other benefits as well!

Payroll Integration

You can use our payroll or we
can integrate with any third-party system. The choice is yours. Either way it's FREE!

ACA Compliance and Reporting

Get ACA reporting and filing so you never have to worry about fines & penalties.

"At HealthWorX, we're changing the business landscape by giving companies the opportunity to offer their employees no-cost healthcare while still realizing the tax savings of a Section 125 and ERISA compliant plan. We combine that with most comprehensive, integrated, reliable solution suite available today."

- Dr. John Zabasky, MA, MBA, PhD

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

HealthWorX and HRX®: A clear value.
Too good not to be true.

No-cost Healthcare

The HealthWorX healthcare plan
covers all of your employees regardless of full-time or part-time status.

Onboarding & Enrollment

Simultaneous electronic onboarding
and enrollment are not just possible, but the norm.

Takes less than two weeks for a full implementation.
Saves countless hours moving forward.

ACA Compliance and Reporting

1094C & 1095C filings, Penalty B Safe Harbor & Lookback Period
reporting, EE0-1 filing and more.

Employee Portal

Employees have login access to enrollment data, payroll
stubs, benefit election forms, benefit surveys, and more.

"At HealthWorX, we're all about successful people helping other people become successful. Become an HRX client and enjoy influencing how we grow and prosper."

- Sharon Rowell


Provide no-cost healthcare,
save on payroll taxes, and get free backoffice support with

Simple and easy to use

No cost solution

Free training

Expert benefits consultants

For small and large groups


A Complete, No-Cost Healthcare Solution for
Employees & Employers

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